Early Isabelle Reveal & Isabelle Movie Updates

Hello, everyone!

If you’ve been to americangirl.com this morning, you’ll have seen the news that Isabelle is going to be revealed tomorrow on Good Morning America from 7 to 9 am!

American Girl Isabelle screenshot

Woohoo!  I know I’ll tune in!  :D

Tomorrow will also hold the release of the last video sneak peak at americangirl.com, which I suspect will show Isabelle’s audition for Anna Hart School of the Arts.

If you can’t wait to see some more pictures of the Isabelle doll, Dolly Dorm Diaries has posted some more here and here.

In addition, I have some updates about the cast of Isabelle’s movie!!

The Isabelle movie is being created by Universal Studios and Martin Chase productions.  Casting calls took place in March/April of this year, and the movie was shot in May through June of 2013.  That means that Isabelle’s movie is completely filmed, and now we just have to wait for it to be edited and released!!  I found this information here.

You can see most of the full cast of the movie on its IMDb page!  Isabelle will be played by Erin Pitt, whose Wikipedia page can be viewed here.  Erin is a Canadian actress, which I find a bit strange for an American Girl movie, but she’s very talented.  Her headshot photo from Wikipedia looks like this:

isabelle screen

Erin has a youtube channel, and in her most recent video, she says “I was just filming American Girl, and I recently finished.”  So that confirms that.  :D

Isabelle’s sister Jade is played by an accomplished ballerina named Grace Davidson.  Here is a picture of Grace found at qbsdance.me:

More information about Grace can be found here, and you can watch a youtube video of her dancing below, posted by Fox Ballet:

Wow – Grace is so talented on pointe!  She’ll be a great Jade.

Isabelle’s friend Louisa is played by another talented dancer named Devyn Nekoda, who you can learn more about here.  This is the picture of Devyn from the site, dacostatalent.com:

Devyn Nekoda - Louisa from American Girl IsabelleYou can watch Devyn dancing in this youtube video (I think she’s in the yellow/orange t-shirt) and in this one from several years ago.  She’s a great dancer, too!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find much information about the actress playing Renata, but hopefully I’ll find out more later.

As for the Isabelle movie itself, I suspect that it will be released midway through 2014, like Saige’s movie did.  However, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the movie’s release date will be sooner rather than later!

Anyway, that’s all the Isabelle updates I have for you today.  Have a great day!


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